The Best Face Mask for COVID-19

Medical Face Mask

The Best Face Mask for COVID-19

Whenever you plan to go somewhere, it has almost become a necessity to have a face mask on hand. However, as the pandemic continues, it is wise to consider spending on a long-term mask. The surgical face mask has now become a present-day symbol., Reusable masks aren’t the best way to go if you’re anxious about catching germs and feel comfortable tossing away masks after every use and simply don’t want to keep reminding yourself to wash it and keep it safe.

Disposable face masks go by a variety of names. But, perhaps, the medical/surgical face masks are the most common and safest choice because a mask is bound to collect grime and dirt whenever you walk outside. Besides, whether you choose a breathable or lightweight summer mask or a thicker cotton mix mask, the material will still collect sweat and moisture from your mouth and face.

Surgical or medical face masks are not intended to be worn for extended periods. When the mask gets contaminated or the person wearing them finds it difficult to breathe; consider it a gentle reminder should discard it immediately. If used face masks are not adequately disposed off, they can cause infections. As a result, used face masks must be stored in solid plastic bags before being discarded in wastebaskets.

Have you had your vaccine yet?

While you’ve been injected with your final dose, you’re still urged to put on your mask, even if you are congregating with immunized people; the latest guidelines on COVID-19 by the Malaysian Government nevertheless force you to shield yourself and others when you’re out. For the foreseeable future, you’ll need to wear a high-quality disposable mask while remaining approximately 1 -2 meter distance from others and avoiding gatherings and less ventilated or congested areas.

However, always look at the brand of your facemask, unfortunately, some manufacturers utilize specific blends, particularly to boost comfort during the cold or absorb excessive moisture. Another most essential aspect is the mask’s seal. Your facemask should be snugly fitted over both mouth and nose, with no holes that could allow COVID19 or Omicron virus particles to get through.

The purpose of the flexible ear loops strand and nose strip is to adjust the face mask to your face, giving out a conical shape that perfectly covers the curvature of your nose bridge.And if you are still conscious; perhaps, wearing double-masks provides additional layers of protection as well as a tight cover on your face.

Nurses and doctors who conduct surgical procedures in healthcare centers wear surgical face masks to prevent the spread of germs and other toxins that could spread the disease to the patient. Conversely, it prevents bacteria from escaping from the patient and contaminating the surgical employees during the procedure.