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Stretch Film

Our Stretch film is produced using multi-layers highly stretchable Plastic Film that is ideally for wrapped around the items in palletising for tightly bound your product in secure manner.

Manufacturing of Stretch film Products

  • Multi-Layers for better stretchable
  • Machine Roll / Hand Roll

Stretch Film

Protect your valuable material from any sort of tampering, dust, dirt, scratches, and puncturing during transit using stretch film from Jishan Berhad- the best stretch film supplier in Malaysia.

Our stretch film has unique features that you will not get from any other Stretch film manufacturer in Malaysia. Our stretch films are prepared to physically protect the exterior of your goods, acting as a shield between the external surface and the environment.

It prevents moisture or any other environmental agent from coming in contact with your goods. Additionally, it prevents anything from losing your package, ensuring preservation for extended periods.

We have thickness available for up to 150 gauge, which will make your packages scratch-resistant as the sheet will act as an additional protective layer.

We have designed our stretch film to be lightweight and malleable despite being thick. The film can easily be stretched to a fraction of its volume and wrap around any shape, ensuring a tight seal around the surface.

Stretch Film Types:

Stretch film is literally something that follows one size fits all, but only the best stretch film supplier in Penang will have a variety of different types that will show that each stretch film has a unique purpose.

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