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Plastic Packaging

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Plastic Packaging


Plastic Packaging

Our plastic packaging products are made from plastic material such APET, PP, HIPS, APET High Temperature Resistance, Static Dissipative Material and etc. It comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs, and is customizable according to customers’ requirements and needs. Our plastic tray is widely used as food tray and egg tray plastic package.

Our plastic packaging products mainly serve manufacturers involved in electronic and medical industries to product their devices from damage during shipment.

Industrial Vacuum Forming Tray:

Our vacuum forming tray is an innovative and cost-effective storage solution to store electronic appliances, electronic equipment, medical devices, and etc.

With our in-house production, we are able to produce vacuum forming trays using a various of materials with high precisions and sharply detailed designs. Our vacuum forming products are also used as plastic tray for a variety of purposes such as storage food tray.

Commercial Vacuum Forming Tray:

Our commercial vacuum forming tray is a go-to packaging solution for a number of commercial businesses, primarily because of its precise packing capability, custom design options, and high availability.

You can find a number of vacuumforming tray options for commercial use in our range, including, Plastic Tray, food tray, fruit tray, egg tray plastic, oyster tray and etc.

ESD Shielding Bag

An electrostatic discharge bag (ESD Shielding Bag) is an innovative product used to store things and prevent the buildup of static electricity and protect the contents from electrostatic damage.

We also have various designs and sizes available for our ESD Shielding bag (commonly known as ESD Bag) and you can get different sealing types as well, ranging from zipping to double taped and shielding.

Extrusion APET Roll / Sheet

Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate Rolls are a remarkable breakthrough in food and packing industry. Our APET Rolls offer exceptional temperature and impact resistivity, making it the product of choice in a variety of industries; from consumer packaging to medical equipment and automation industries. Some of the common applications of APET Rolls are thermoforming and display fabrication because of its physical properties including anti-fogging / high clarity, availability in multiple colors.

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