Corrugated Carton Box Malaysia

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Corrugated Carton Box Jishan


Paper Packaging

Our paper packaging products refer to packaging products which are manufactured from paper-based materials. It comes in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and is  customizable according to our customers’ requirements and needs. Some of our key products are corrugated carton box, die cut box with conductive convoluted foam as well as offset printed box.

Corrugated Paper Packaging

Offset / User Guide Packaging

Corrugated Carton Box Malaysia

A carton box is probably the most popular packaging type globally, and the Jishan group is dominating the Malaysian market with its corrugatedcarton box Malaysia. We are the most trusted carton box supplier Penang for a number of reasons.

Our Range of Carton Box:

Our carton box comes in various styles and designs; you can get a range of paper packaging materials, including the traditional brown carton box and contemporary black conductive die box.

Carton Box Style and Design:

Our styles and designs vary  based on your requirements. Our typical designs include a variety of grips, holding slots, and handling types. We also provide a variety of interior lining materials depending upon the product you want to store inside and the purpose you want to pack it for.


We prepare our carton box Malaysia with the best available material that is strong to bear reasonable weight both from the inside and outside. Because of our innovative engineering techniques, our carton box is suitable to store a range of materials while maintaining a firm holds around the goods to protect them from potential damage.


For different purposes, we also take custom orders to cater to your unique needs. We can be your carton box supplier Penang with custom box preparation that has a novel design, customized design, and printing options. You can get digital printing of your matter on each box.

Additionally, our boxes are equally fit for transportation purposes.

Eco-Friendly Carton Box Supplier Penang:

Other features of our carton box Malaysia include our commitment to the Malaysian environment. We have evolved our production technology to be eco-friendly. Each of our carton boxes is prepared with environmentally friendly and biodegradable material.


While it is harmless for the environment, it still has high endurance and resistance towards a number of sensitive materials.

You can use boxes from Jishan carton box  to store the most commonly used plastic, food, metal, glass, and others.


Besides being cost-effective, our carton boxes are also quite durable and can come under the umbrella of a one-time investment for both personal and commercial use.

Our cartons are also reusable, and you can expect them to last for multiple trips.

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