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Medical Face Mask

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Medical Face Mask

Our 3-Ply Disposable Medical Face Mask is produced by using high efficiency Melt-blown Material for highly Bacterial & Particle Filtering Capability. The technology of our medical face masks has dual benefits. The Disposable Medical Face Mask is intended use to prevent the potential contaminants from the user into their immediate environment which can block large particle droplets, sprays and splashes from reaching your mouth or nose and vice versa.

Manufacturing of Medical Face Mask Products

  • Quality Management System – ISO 13485:2016 & EN ISO 13485:2016 Standard
  • BFE / PFE >98%
  • Achieved EN14683:2019 Type II & IIR & ASTM F2299 Level 2 & 3 Standard Requirement.

Medical Face Mask


Here are some features of our face masks:

1) Three Layer Mask PP Non-woven Fabric:

The Outer Layer (Various Color- Blue, White, Pink and Purple) is water-resistant for stopping liquid splashes.

The Middle layer is served as filtering purpose for blocking particles/Bacteria.

The Inner Layer is moisture absorbing from breath and keeping the filtering from getting wet.

2) Breathable & Soft:

The non-woven fabric inner skin is a soft, light and breathable without irritation.

3) Elastic Ear loop:

Face Mask is attached with flexible elastic ear loop band. Length can be adjusted accordingly to the facial dimensions. It does not compress the ears and create more comfortable zone over extended periods of time.

4) 3D Mask Design:

The medical face mask design is following the contour of the face completely with a featuring a bendable plastic nose bridge strip that fits the nose snugly and block dust from entering.


The medical face mask is recommended usage up to 4 hours. Please do not re-use which can result in bacteria growing in the mask and you will notice an unusual odour.

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