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Message from the MD

Dear shareholders and investors,

On behalf of the Board and management team of Jishan Berhad, I would like to thank all of you who have contributed to our company’s success. Thanks to the dedication, commitment and constant hard work of our team, Jishan Berhad today has an important position in the paper and plastic industry.

As Directors, our focus is overseeing the Company’s business strategies, risk management, product development, environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) practices. We intend to focus and pay attention to every part of our operation, and continually developing new products while improving on our existing work. Up to 26th of November 2020, Jishan Berhad has already generated RM70 million of revenue and we predicted a total of RM75 million revenue for the year 2020. It will be approximately 34% growth from the RM56 million revenue from the previous year 2020. Our current revenue is made up of 57% paper cartons, 20.5% vacuum foaming products, 18% offset printing boxes and remaining 4.5% are from other various products.

Message From MD Mr. Ng Scaled

In early 2020, the epidemic COVID-19 has caused the economic disruption in our country as most of industries have to shut down their operations. Though this has resulted in declining revenue from our paper and plastic products, we recognized the need to give a helping hand to our community in the fight against COVID-19. Thus, we provide our greatest support to the front liner by donating face shield to few hospitals in Penang and to local community here in Nibong Tebal. We have then manufactured our latest new product – medical face mask, for the purpose of providing all Malaysians high quality protection at a reasonable price.

Our future plan for the first quarter of 2021 includes the completion of our third plant in January where we will begin to manufacture our new product, stretch film. As the paper packaging industry becomes more saturated, it is important for us to diversify our product portfolio which is why we are constantly developing new products. We also believe that by producing stretch film, it will help us to generate larger profits as stretch film is a billion-dollar sized market globally. Our confidence in venturing into the stretch film market comes from our expertise and 15 years of experience in the producing plastic products. With this new product, we can also begin to export to foreign countries.

Thank you for the trust you place in us and for your continued investment in Jishan Berhad.  You may rest assured that we will perform our duties and operate our businesses with transparency and continue to work and drive the expansion of our company while creating returns to our shareholders sustainably.  

Ng Eng Siong
Managing Director
26 November 2020

Board of Directors

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